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The Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS), a cross-track scanner with 22 channels, provides sounding observations needed to retrieve profiles of atmospheric temperature and moisture for civilian operational weather forecasting as well as continuity of these measurements for climate monitoring purposes. Like the long heritage of its predecessors, ATMS combines all the channels of the preceding AMSU-A1, AMSU-A2, and AMSU-B sensors into a single package with considerable savings in mass, power, and volume. Get more information about the ATMS instrument.

Suomi NPP science image
NPP Satellite Acquires First ATMS Measurements
The image shows the ATMS channel 18 data, which measures water vapor in the lower atmosphere. Tropical Storm Sean is visible in the data, as the patch of blue, in the Atlantic off the coast of the Southeastern United States.
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Suomi-NPP Science Observations

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The Suomi-NPP Marble Collection These various global views and animations of the Earth are composites assembled from data acquired by the Suomi-NPP satellite. + view collection

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