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CERES, a three-channel radiometer, measures both solar-reflected and Earth-emitted radiation from the top of the atmosphere to the surface. It also determines cloud properties including the amount, height, thickness, particle size, and phase of clouds using simultaneous measurements by other instruments. These measurements are critical for understanding cloud-radiation climate change and improving the prediction of global warming using climate models. Get more information about the CERES instrument.

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The High Variability of Global Albedo
This CERES animation shows variations in Earth's reflection of sunlight, called albedo, from month to month, based on NASA satellite measurements over a 12-year period. The natural variability of Earth's albedo poses limits to the possibility of detecting increases in the planet's reflection of sunlight that might result from proposed climate engineering activities.
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CERES Shortwave Radiation
The doors are open on NASA's Suomi NPP satellite and the newest version of the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) instrument is scanning Earth for the first time, helping to assure continued availability of measurements of the energy leaving the Earth-atmosphere system.
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'First Light' Taken by CERES Instrument
This longwave image shows heat energy radiated from Earth . The CERES results help scientists to determine the Earth's energy balance, providing a long-term record of this crucial environmental parameter that will be consistent with those of its predecessors.
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The Suomi-NPP Marble Collection These various global views and animations of the Earth are composites assembled from data acquired by the Suomi-NPP satellite. + view collection

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