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James J. Butler
NPP Deputy Project Scientist for
Instruments and Calibration
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

James J. Butler has been the NPP Deputy Project Scientist for Instruments and Calibration since 2004 and the Calibration Scientist for the Earth Observing System since 1995.

He is an optical physicist in the Biospheric Sciences Branch at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Principal Investigator of the branch's Radiometric and Diffuser Calibration Laboratories. Butler's research experience includes the calibration and characterization of remote sensing instrumentation, optical metrology, ground-based and balloon-borne lidar for the detection of stratospheric molecular and radical species, and laser-induced fluorescence of molecules and radicals.

Butler is also the NASA representative to the executive panel of the International Global Space-based Inter-calibration System.

He enjoys playing his acoustic and electronic drums and keyboards, reading history, travelling with his family and following the exploits of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Green Bay Packers football teams.

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